Thursday, March 1, 2018

Shotcut Video Editor Undo Dissolve & Add Blur


[How to] Undo a Dissolve (Cross-Fade) in ShotCut

  1. Move the clips around or to new tracks if necessary.
  2. Stretch the left-edge and the right edge of each clip to their maximum.

Easy [How to] ShotCut Privacy Blur

  1. Duplicate the clip into a higher track.
  2. Select the duplicate clip in higher track.
  3. Add Inverse Color Filter specifically for visualizing the mask location. Be sure to deselect for final output.
  4. Add Mask Filter. Apply preset default; Operation=Minimum. Adjust as needed.
  5. Add Blur Filter. Adjust as needed.
  6. MUTE duplicate clip audio as needed. If it does not work. Remove filters and re-try applying to top-most track.

As always, Good Luck!

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