Saturday, June 14, 2014

Convert .psp (Paintshop Pro) files to .png with NConvert

In the late 90's and early 2000's my graphic editor of choice was PaintShop Pro v7 on Windoze.  Now in 2014, while running Linux, all those .psp files are practically unusable.

I finally I found a de facto way to convert them.  No searching the GIMP or Corel forums anymore.  Problem solved!

Download/extract XnSoft's NConvert and try something like this in your folder of choice:

find ./ -name "*.psp" -execdir ~/path/to/nconvert -o $%.png -out png {} \;


To break this down, we are "find"ing all .psp files recursively, then "exec"uting (with full path) the nconvert command with output of path+filename+.png and format png. The found files are represented with {}.  The \; is simply to end the exec command.

Good Luck!

Friday, June 6, 2014

OSX cronjob with GNU screen fails to run reporting "Must be connected to a terminal."

OSX crontab (cronjob) with GNU "screen" fails to run reporting "Must be connected to a terminal."

I had set a cronjob to run using the "screen" command,

0 * * * * /path/to/

where my script is:

/usr/bin/screen -S taskname /usr/bin/nice mycommand

but it failed to run.  To figure out the problem, i redirected output to a log.

0 * * * * /path/to/ > ~/mylog.log

The log reported "Must be connected to a terminal."

The solution is to add the -d -m options to screen:

/usr/bin/screen -d -m -S taskname /usr/bin/nice mycommand