Sunday, May 13, 2018

SAVE $$$ with TING

OMG! I am saving so much money with TING! My costs are HALF my AT&T bill!!!

TL;DR? $25 credit with my referral:

I dropped AT&T wireless (AT&T Mobile) completely and you can too. Drop Verizon, Drop T-Mobile, Drop Sprint, Drop MetroPCS, Drop Boost, Drop Cricket, Drop everyone else.  Nobody is as affordable as Ting.

TING has the simplest mobile billing ever! – You pay $6 per phone flat-rate, and then you pay only for the services you use. You do NOT pay for more than you actually use. Every month is adjusted automatically.

For example, our typical month goes as follows: We have two phones ($6 + $6). We use less than 500 minutes talk time (+ $9); we use less than 1000 text messages (+ $5); we use less than 1GB of data (+ $16). This calculates to $42 dollars plus fees and taxes. Our monthly bill is typically $46.23 which is approximately HALF my previous AT&T bill.

This is my actual bill: Simple as simple could be!

Want to save money also? Please use my referral – You will receive a $25 credit to apply to a phone or service. You will not be disappointed with Ting!


Want to get a "free" landline?  Visit my old post:

As always, good luck!!!

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