Friday, September 23, 2016

Prevent downloaded Flowblade 1.x from being downgraded to 0.x upon Debian upgrade


I recently learned about FlowBlade, but my Debian Stable (Jessie 8.0) contained version 0.12, whereas a version 1.8 is available from .

I installed the .deb file using the usual sudo dpkg -i flowblade-1.8.0-1_all.deb method, but when i went to do an sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude full-upgrade, Debian insisted on “upgrading” flowblade to version 0.12.

I searched the terms “pin” and “pinning” for apt, but that solution seemed specific to repositories. Luckily along the way, I found the correct term “hold”.

Better solution found !!! Jump to the bottom.

The solution was to put the package on hold with sudo aptitude hold flowblade, thusly full-upgrade will now not downgrade. You can conversely unhold with the similar command sudo aptitude unhold flowblade.

One unlikeable caveat however, is that it will still show up as an available update: aptitude search "~U". Since I use Updates: ${execi 360 aptitude search "~U" | wc -l | tail} in my conky setup, it looks like there is always an update to install, which is wrong.

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Do you have a better solution? Please share!

Better solution found !!! Do NOT “hold” as described above, instead “Pin” the package as described below:

Edit your /etc/apt/preferences and add the following block:

Package: flowblade
Pin: version 1.*
Pin-Priority: 1001

This will prioritize version 1.x over version 0.x. When 2.x is released, don’t forget about editing your preferences again!

As always, good luck!

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