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Thursday, April 21, 2016

VMWare HP VIB repo "vibsdepot.hp.com" changed to "vibsdepot.hpe.com"

Have you used "vibsdepot.hp.com" as a VMWare Update Manager VIB Repository?

You may now be getting the error:
Cannot download software packages from patch source. Check the events and the Update Manager log for download details.

If so, edit the repo URL. Reference: https://vibsdepot.hp.com/SDR/repo/vibsdepot/


New domain name: With the launch of the new company, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, please refer to this host as: "vibsdepot.hpe.com."   If you access this system using VMware Update Manager, VMware Image Builder or VMware vSphereCLI, please update your repository configuration files accordingly.

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