Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Practically "Free" Landline service with ObiHai and Google voice (VOIP)


I have purged myself from paying for a traditional landline.

I can hardly believe that's it's been this long.  Since November of 2013, I have had practically free landline service by using Google Voice via an device over my Internet Service.  (Yes, I do pay separately for Internet.)  Google Voice calling is free nation-wide. (If you need to call overseas, they offer extremely low international rates.)

If I had retained my traditional phone service costing about $30 per month, I would have paid over $360+fees+taxes per year. However, I have only paid 80 cents per month for my optional e911 from, plus the initial cost of hardware.

How i did it:

I purchased the OBi200 from Amazon for less than $50.  You may also choose the Obi202, which is 2-port version. You should also purchase the replacement warranty 3rd party service for less than $5.  OBIHai Officially supports Google Voice. Also see the OBIHai+GoogleVoice Overview.

I then acquired a Google Voice phone number and configured my ObiHai to use it.  (Technically, I ported my existing number for a cost, but such is optional.  If you find you cannot port your landline number, you can circumvent the system by porting it to a mobile device SIM, then to Google -- This was a $30 and 5 day process for me -- again this is optional as I preferred to retain my existing number.)

My family has utilized "FREE" VOIP phone service for years now and it is of the same quality as any phone service from a traditional provider.  It works perfectly with my multi-phone cordless base-set much like this one.  Additionally, with Google Voice, I am able to receive voicemail recordings and missed call notifications direct to my Gmail.  I can also block numbers easily via web interface and use other awesome features such as having Calling Circles for filtering calls direct to voicemail.

Most telephony service providers are now only offer VOIP anyway.  With Google and OBiHai you can now remove the middle-man and have the same service without the $20-30 monthly costs associated with it.

Google Voice does NOT provide 911 service; however, provides me with e911 for a mere 80 cents per month.

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For a little more detail on the ObiHai device, see this nice article:

As Always, Good Luck!

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