Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Install Pinta 1.6 in Debian Jessie 8.0

Paint.NET is a very nice PaintShop Pro alternative for Windows. And luckily, Pinta is fantastic Linux alternative of Paint.NET.

I had Pinta installed in my Debian 8.0 (Jessie) and it was stuck at version 1.5.

I actually use Pinta’s Ubuntu repo to install it and as it turns out I needed to change the repo to reference the “Trusty” version to upgrade to Pinta 1.6.

When I changed as such, the upgrade reported depedency problems with mono, specifically it seems mono v4 must have recently came out.

To resolve my issue i had to first purge pinta and mono-runtime, then reinstall them.
sudo aptitude purge pinta mono-runtime

edit your /etc/apt/sources.list to include:
deb trusty main 
deb-src trusty main 

Then update and install:
sudo aptitude update
sudo aptitude install mono-runtime pinta

Pinta should now be v1.6.

You may also want to look at Krita, which is in the Debian repositories – good luck!



  1. I tried Krita. The tool to change brush sizes is broken. As soon as I click on it, the brush size jumps to 500 pixels, and the sliders don't work, and I can't enter as size either.
    If only the gimp were not completely broken, I would stick with that, but tried everything, and I can't get paint, the most basic feature, to work.
    Looking for any documentation to install Pinta on Linux debian/Mint. Unfortunately, Mint completely hides which version of debian it is based on. The only clue is /etc/debian_release, which in my case says "jessie/sid".

    1. Did you get 1.6 installed? This instruction might be stale now. Pinta is great, but also pissed me off enough to where i uninstalled it (Mono issues i assume).

      You might consider adding Jessie Backports as a repo. I also have testing/sid in my repo's and i get the following for pinta versions:

      $ aptitude versions pinta
      Package pinta:
      p 1.3-3 stable 700
      p 1.5-0ppa2~saucy1 saucy 500
      p 1.6-0ppa1~trusty1 trusty 500
      p 1.6-2 testing,unstable 650


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