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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Windows Server 2003 Repair Install not available solution

Windows Server 2003 Repair Install not available -- solution:

First it seems that Dell CD's do not contain the "Repair Install" option as per the Internets.

Second, you may find that the "To Repair the selected Windows installation, press "R"" option does not show up no matter what.

A hint was found here: http://www.winvistatips.com/re-windows-2003-repair-option-missing-t770031.html -- which stated :
The option to repair appears only under some conditions.
The version has to be the same build number for example.
The path in the boot.ini has to be correct.
The system hive has to be loaded and checked, [...]
So I booted the CD and chose R - recovery console.

I ran fixmbr, fixboot, and most importantly "bootcfg /rebuild" (or possibly bootcfg /scan).

bootcfg /rebuild will allow you to add the system back into the boot menu, which in turn the CD will find something to be able to "R"epair.

You may wish to see if those 3 commands allows Windows to boot on it's own.  If not, then boot the CD again and choose

Setup Windows now, Press ENTER

Then, after the F8 agreement, and it examines the disks, it should now have the option

To Repair the selected Windows installation, press "R"

If not, so sorry, you're still screwed.



  1. I know this is an old post, however.. There is *NO* Dell Windows CD. Dell does NOT make Windows Microsoft does.

    Therefore *ALL* Windows CD's have a repair option.. if it doesn't appear it means that the VERSION of Windows on the CD\DVD does not match what is on the disk. this is EXTREMELY picky and specific.

    If have you Windows 2003 Standard SP1 and you put Windows 2003 Standard (without SP) it will not work. similarly if you have Windows Standard and you put the Windows 2003 Enterprise version it won't work either.

    This statement: >>First it seems that Dell CD's do not contain the "Repair Install" option as per the Internets.<<

    Therefore is misleading and incorrect.. Windows is Windows PERIOD. They ALL work the same. Only thing Dell does is provide an OEM install (also created by Microsoft) but it's specifically includes Dell drivers. That's the *ONLY* difference.

    1. Photo of Dell CD's -- I never claimed Dell makes Windows. The post is about solving a problem. The comment does not solve any problem.


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