March 15, 2023

Brian C. Moses (aka "BrianMcMoses") is giving away another DIY NAS in 2023

I'm still running my 13 year old NAS!! An outdated, slow as hell, on its last leg, 100% unsupported ARMv5 NAS with only "mirrored drive" protection since i never added additional disks. I wrote about my purchase here ( in 2010.

In his insightful and very complete article (, Brian asks:
If you won the DIY NAS: 2023 Edition, what would you do with it? What sort of problems would it solve for you?

Well, for me it is quite obvious. My NAS' OS is pinned to DSM v5.2 and is two (2) major versions outdated. The hardware with only a ridiculous 128MB, is constantly churning. I can hear it everytime a walk by and quite frankly i'm afraid to turn it off for any extended time due to the old disks. I've run a zerotier-one mesh-network since 2017; however, i'm running an old version because zerotier-on no longer supports the Marvell Kirkwood 88F6281 ARMv5 chip. I also have this thing running syncthing to keep both my remote desktop and laptop backed up. It works, but just barely. CPU not upgradable; Memory not upgradable; OS not upgradable, and yet this thing has kept chugging along. But really, i'm at risk of hardware fatigue and data-loss.

Am I buying another NAS? No, i have no plans and no budget even though it would be the smart thing to do.

Brain, I'm officially entering your giveaway! 😉🙏 -- Thank you so kindly!!

I'm pretty certain I'd try Proxmox VE, as well, for pulling some double, triple, quadruple duties. 😁
Maybe even run a permanent minecraft-server for my daughter.


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